Educational videos

As a coalition of primary care providers and organizations committed to a healthier Kansas, we encourage you to watch these videos to learn what the experts say about safe, effective immunization – and your doctor’s role in helping you feel the freedom of lifelong health.

Pediatrician Videos

Your Pediatrician Cares

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine – Pediatrics

Chickenpox Vaccine – Pediatrics

DTaP/Tdap Vaccine – Pediatrics

Meningococcal Vaccine – Pediatrics

Hepatitis A Vaccine – Pediatrics

HPV Vaccine – Pediatrics

Hib Vaccine – Pediatrics

Family Physician Videos

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine – Family Medicine

DTaP/Tdap Vaccine – Family Medicine

MMR Vaccine – Family Medicine

HPV Vaccine – Family Medicine

Shingles Vaccine – Family Medicine

Polio Vaccine – Family Medicine

Pneumococcal Vaccine – Family Medicine

Rotavirus Vaccine – Family Medicine

PSA videos

We’ve created these videos as public service announcement – perhaps you’ve seen them running in your market!

Why Immunize (shingles, pneumonia)

Why Immunize (flu, whooping cough)


If you have questions about these immunizations or any others, your primary care provider has answers. Contact your doctor or your children’s doctor today to make sure your family is up to date on all recommended vaccines.